Donna Styer creates results.

Donna has provided consulting and coaching services to Franklin and Marshall College for over 10 years in the form of personal assessments, laser coaching, one-on-one professional consulting, and team problem-solving. She is a valuable resource to me, and approaches interactions with a focus on the whole person — acknowledging that our team members don’t only exist as an employee, but as an individual with a need to balance their personal and professional lives. I really enjoy collaborating with Donna and highly recommend her. 

— H.R Director, Franklin & Marshall College

I have worked with and known Donna for over ten years. She is an amazingly talented woman, who is incredibly effective in amplifying the strengths of individuals and teams. Her approach is holistic, with a style that is both direct and nurturing. I’m both a fan and a beneficiary of her skills and expertise.

— President/Local Official

I’ve witnessed the results of Donna’s coaching firsthand in my employees’ enhanced performance, and their stronger focus on the organization. Donna has helped me retain key employees and has improved the service my employees give our customers bottom-line results I can measure.

— President/CEO

Career coaching has benefited our organization in helping improve both productivity and morale. Sometimes it takes a qualified outside resource to help employees get to a point where they feel better about themselves and understand that change can be a tremendous growth opportunity.

— Vice President, Advertising

I write to offer my highest recommendation for Donna Styer and her coaching services. Donna is a wonderfully talented coach who works through incisive questioning that focuses directly on the intersection of behavior and attitudes. Since working with Donna, I have been growing into my new management role. It’s quite possibly the best thing I have done for my career to date.

— Senior Staff Administrator

Donna has a tremendous talent for connecting with all types of people, honing in on individualized growth plans that strengthened our team professionally and personally. Through her expertise and wonderful personality, Donna taught our team how to maximize ourselves first as individuals so that we could function even better as a team.

— President, Economic Development Organization

When I first came to Donna, I was discouraged and down after getting beat up pretty thoroughly by the Great Recession for three years. She assured me that small adjustments in my thinking would create significant positive changes in behavior, and she was right. She has a talent for clearing away obstacles.

— President, Online Marketing Agency

I was so mired down in work-related stress that I couldn’t see how it had affected my work, attitude, and relationships with co-workers and clients. Donna Styer helped me discover how to manage stress and control my emotions, even in impossible situations. I’m happier, more productive and more approachable, and able to handle the pressures inherent in my industry.

— Personal Client

When I came to her needing insight and understanding, Donna Styer provided a positive, self-confidence building environment where I was free to express my thoughts/feelings whether about my career or personal life. The journeys we have traveled together have given me the power and ability to conquer obstacles that were in my path for years and go on to the enjoy the successes I now have today, both personally and professionally

— Personal Client