Harmony In Your Career & In Your Soul

Have you ever thought about the work you would like to be doing on a daily basis that would reflect the REAL you? Did you choose your career or did your career choose you? Achieving harmony in your career and in your soul is a journey that begins from the “inside,” by paying attention to your values, dreams, goals, talents, and desires.

‘Harmony in Your Career & in Your Soul’ is unique because Donna Styer understands your needs for career fulfillment and believes you can get there – authentically. The process she shares with the reader fosters a return to the core self in a very simple and clear format.

About the Co-Author

Scott B. McNelis is an executive and freelance writer with areas of expertise in finance, children’s organizations, strategic planning, and personal development.

Simply Be Your Magnificent Self!

Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! A Guide for Empowering Girls and Women is that tidy toolkit we all can carry with us through life to help empower our girls, friends, and ourselves. The beauty of this book is that it spans generations and genders. When placed in the hands of its readers, it will change lives and help build the foundation for girls and women to value and celebrate their strengths, activate their power, and share their voices. 

This book is a call to action for all of us because our girls matter and investing in their limitless potential and our collective bright futures is one of the most powerful legacies we can leave. We all share a sense of responsibility to leave this world better than when we arrived.

By using this book as a tool to help our girls realize their gifts and become the “bosses of their own brains” and also by putting it into the hands of the ones who love girls and women, we have changed the world. Thank you, Donna and Cindy, for your tireless hearts and hands. – The introduction was written by Carrie Johnson, Executive Director of Girls on the Run in Lancaster.

About the Co-Author

Cynthia C. Stauffer is a licensed psychologist who owns a private psychology practice that takes a solution-oriented approach to treat children, adults, and families.

Where To Buy The Books

You can buy Harmony In Your Career & In Your Soul by contacting Donna Styer at or by ordering from Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.

You can purchase Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! on Amazon, or by emailing Donna or by phone: 717-393-3755… or you can order from Barnes & Noble. Nicole Taylor Boutique on Queen Street in Lancaster also carries the books!